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- `giornata--create-entry` now uses `pop-to-buffer` providing users the freedom
  to customize how the buffer is displayed
- Add a variable named `giornata-hide-calendar` that controls whether the
  calendar is closed after invoking `giornata-from-calendar`

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- Add support for reStructuredText aka rst-mode
- Add customizable option for showing a menu item
- Make giornata--date-from-filename more robust
- Remove references to olivetti from giornata-dir-locals as it may cause issues
  for users who do not have it installed

2024.04.20 2 months ago .tar.gz browse log


- Improve the documentation
- Write a test suite spanning most of the code base
- Put a pipeline into place to catch test errors
- Mark private functions which were previously public
- Switch to advice-add to advise calendar-generate-month
- Set the type property of the customizable variable `giornata-dir-locals` to
  from `list` to the more correct `alist`
- Remove the interactive function `giornata-consult`

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- Make the major mode a customizable option

  You're not limited to just `markdown-mode`, you can any of the currently
  supported file formats (Org, Markdown, or plain and unencumbered text) you
  like and the front matter will follow suit.

- Remove dependency on `markdown-mode`

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