Reorder window configuration alist
Reformat an expression
Bump version numbers and update changelog
Use pop-to-buffer in giornata--create-entry

to allow the user to customize how the buffer is displayed.
Correct giornata--ymd-to-mdy docstring
Add a variable to control whether the calendar is closed

after visiting a journal entry using `giornata-from-calendar'.
Prefer `when' in place of `and'
Clarify parameter of giornata--date-from-filename
Add to the sentence about the use of giornata-menu-item
Bump the version
Adjust phrasing in README
Reformat giornata-lib.el
Add a unit test for giornata--normalize-directory
Document giornata-menu-item in the README
Order variables by their perceived importance
Prefer parentheses over nil in defgroup declaration
Replace occurences of 'diary' with 'journal'

This is simply to stay consistent by utilizing the same lingo throughout the

A side-effect of this change is that the variable giornata-directory is also
changed from 'diary' to 'journal', although that remains a customizable option,
so it's not a big deal.
Add support for reStructuredText aka rst-mode
Specify :group keyword for customizable options
Remove reference to an olivetti variable