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#GrooveStomp's NES Emulator

AGPLv3 license OLC-3 license

This NES emulator is based heavily off of the work done by OneLoneCoder ie., javidx9. I have written this emulator in C11 instead of the source C++17 used by javidx9.


While this software is licensed under AGPLv3, this software also retains the original license provided by OneLoneCoder. Note that AGPLv3 is a much more strict license than the OLC-3 license used by javidx9.



  • make
  • gcc
  • sdl2
  • doxygen (For documentation generation)

This is developed for Linux and no effort has been made to support it elsewhere.


There are four targets in the Makefile:

  • clean
  • debug
  • release
  • docs

The default target is release. release builds gsnes at release/gsnes. debug builds gsnes at debug/gsnes. docs builds the documentation with Doxygen.


For now the emulator is not configurable outside of modifying source directly. The NES rom to load is hardcoded into main.c.


NES Test Donkey Kong Ice Climber