GrooveStomp's GameBoy Emulator
f243685d — Aaron Oman 2 years ago
First pass at sprite rendering
4e0480fb — Aaron Oman 2 years ago
Actually call drawLcd()
714eb274 — Aaron Oman 2 years ago
Tile rendering


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A GameBoy emulator!

The initial motivation for this project was a step-up from my CHIP-8 emulator. Subsequently I saw it as an opportunity to refresh my C++ skills.


Only tested in Linux. Currently a work in progress. See grep -r TODO *.

Prior to 2020-12-23 the license for this project was CC-BY 4.0. If you were making use of this project by that license then you can continue to do so. However, if you've stumbled upon this project on 2020-12-23 or later then you must abide by the new license.



  • SDL2
  • C++ Compiler (only tested with GNU g++)


  • doxygen


# Build debug executable
$ make debug

# Build release executable
$ make release

# Build html documentation
$ make docs