Where I test my PKGBUILD files
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Where I test my AUR PKGBUILD files


You need an Arch Linux host system with systemd-nspawn and archstrap. Operations with the container from the host system require sudo.


First, initialise the container:

./paur-container -m init

Then, you can test the installation of any package in a clean environment:

# For example, to test `manim`
./paur-container -m test -p manim

The environment is ephemeral, meaning that it will be reset after every run. Both paur and the packages/ directory are bound to the container, so you don't need to update the executable and the PKGBUILD and .SRCINFO files are automatically updated in the host system.


Keep in mind that paur will greedily remove ALL directories it finds during cleanup. If you're not sure about the side effects this could have in your machine, make a backup of your packages/ directory before testing.

To clean up the container, remove its directory as root.