Simulation numbering changes were incorrect
Made so that numbers for sim.rc are left-padded so animations will come out in the right order
Added a simple script for making qsp/draw animate!
Added a bunch of as-of-yet unused and untested code to add repulsion between sephirah
Added labels to draw!
Turns out simulation *was* working, I was using bad coefficients!

Added various experiments and updated sim.rc
Added a whole bunch of stuff:

- Really rudimentary dragging in draw
- sim.rc now can take arguments
- README with plumbing rules
- dumpstate will now give you a string to match the plumbing rule for quick viewing
- simulation logic is still fucking nuts and doesn't work properly
Added in basic database file and a script for testing simulations, tweaked "physics" which is still wrong
It's certainly doing *something*! Need to figure out where my perturbations are going wrong, but this is very exciting!
Fixed double frees in loading code
Hilariously actually forgot to commit sim last time

Committed it, also made so it can add target_len and k
Refactored, sim can load and print a db file
Begin splitting out components
Now supports loading the whole thing!
Can now load emanation state from a saved ndb
Can dump most relevant state to ndb files
Centrally store all paths
2750fe44 — glenda 2 years ago
Put emanations on the stack and added reciprocal links and paths
9239bd4d — glenda 2 years ago
I think there's a bug where I'm returning stack pointers to memory that falls out of scope and then gets rewritten by a new stack frame and I'm going to try out putting it all on heap
f3b2549c — glenda 2 years ago
Started refactor into Emanation type