Remove spurious debug, add text file to debug interface
Can read pc from the filesystem
Ditch string literals
Removed spurious development debug print
Corrected byte packing for .STRINGZ string literals (hex literals are still incorrect)
Fixed up output to only show on debug
String literals for .STRINGZ
Replaced majority of hexnparse with litnparse
About to replace all hexnparse with libnparse
Added BR variants!
Fixed up label mapping for positive offsets
Implemented all directives
Implemented shorthand for traps
Wrote a "hello world" that does all of the memory filling directives
Actually assembling to runnable bytecode!
Fixed up a bug in the ADD bitmask for literals

Added clearer output for the comparison register debug output
Parser appears to be complete, label mappings work!
Parser mostly working, able to build a table of instructions in memory correctly
Bunch more work, got some semblance of token parsing...
Wrote a bunch more junk
Did a bunch of work on the assembler
Fixed formatting a bit
Added rudimentary disassembler and broke out some data and utils