Remove spurious debug, add text file to debug interface
3b51013e — glenda 10 months ago
Can read pc from the filesystem
97de4308 — glenda 10 months ago
Ditch string literals
4ec2b251 — glenda 11 months ago
Removed spurious development debug print
f122efa1 — glenda 11 months ago
Corrected byte packing for .STRINGZ string literals (hex literals are still incorrect)
7f63c800 — glenda 11 months ago
Fixed up output to only show on debug
3d5d8a66 — glenda 11 months ago
String literals for .STRINGZ
77a9b548 — glenda 11 months ago
Replaced majority of hexnparse with litnparse
1529e3e5 — glenda 11 months ago
About to replace all hexnparse with libnparse
d4d29996 — glenda 11 months ago
Added BR variants!
Fixed up label mapping for positive offsets
Implemented all directives
Implemented shorthand for traps
Wrote a "hello world" that does all of the memory filling directives
Actually assembling to runnable bytecode!
Fixed up a bug in the ADD bitmask for literals

Added clearer output for the comparison register debug output
Parser appears to be complete, label mappings work!
Parser mostly working, able to build a table of instructions in memory correctly
Bunch more work, got some semblance of token parsing...
Wrote a bunch more junk
Did a bunch of work on the assembler
Fixed formatting a bit
Added rudimentary disassembler and broke out some data and utils