CL utilities for handling ourgroceries.com shopping lists
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ncgroceries is a ncurses client for ourgroceries.com. It is in no way an official client and the author is in no way affiliated with ourgroceries.com. ncgroceries is written in c++ and also provides a CLI program groceries-cli. API functions are built into a library called libgroceries.

Note: this is a work in progress, the ncurses interface is not finished. The TUI right now shows an unsorted shopping list where things can be crossed off but not added. The CLI (groceries-cli) works pretty well though.

The code was inspired by our-groceries-client (written in nodejs). Mitmproxy was used to study the traffic between the official ourgroceries client and their servers. Another related project providing the API functions, written in python, is py-our-groceries.

#Running groceries-cli

The accepted arguments are (as seen by groceries-cli --help

Usage: groceries-cli [OPTION...]
  -v, --verify-ssl[=yes/no]     Verify SSL traffic (no allows for MITM inspection)
  -u, --username[=email]        Email address for logging into Our Groceries
  -p, --password[=password]     Password for logging into Our Groceries
  -l, --list[=list-name]        Name of shopping list to retrieve
  -a, --add[=item]              Item to add
  -x, --cross[=item]            Item to cross off
  -L, --print-list              print content of main list

Help options:
  -?, --help                    Show this help message
      --usage                   Display brief usage message

Username, password and list can also be specified in a config file at ~/.ncgroceries/groceries.conf. An example conf file is provided that can be copied to that location and then edited. Multiple items to add or cross can be given as a comma separated list on the format: -a "[item1, item2, item with space]".

#Building from source

ncgroceries and groceries-cli depend on libcurl, libconfig, libpopt, jsoncpp and ncurses. It uses cmake for handling the configuring and making.

To install necessary dependencies and build tools, you can run (as root):

On ubuntu:

apt update && apt install libcurl libcurl-dev libconfig libconfig-dev libpopt libpopt-dev jsoncpp jsoncpp-dev ncurses ncurses-dev cmake build-essential

On archlinux:

pacman -Syu libcurl libconfig libpopt jsoncpp ncurses cmake gcc

After getting the dependencies you can do an out of source build by running

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..