Merge branch 'openbsd'
Ignore dist tarballs
Add .gitignore

This will prevent having more files committed by accident in the future.
Delete rest of committed stuff
Merge branch 'openbsd'

	Xr to ssl(8) which has clues about EC key generation that are
	still useful to acme-client users.
Update from openbsd (2021-02-28 14:15:39 UTC)
Delete object files

I manage to commit them by mistake (that's what I get for not having
clean working tree).
Merge branch 'openbsd'

document how to specify multiple alternative names;
modified version of diff from wolf on misc,
improved by and ok florian benno sthen
Update from openbsd (2021-01-26 15:22:07 UTC)
Gitignore new file created by autotools 2.70
Bump version to 1.2.0
Update configure.ac to 2.70
Merge updates from openbsd

Create backup files for certificates

	Create .1 backup files when acme-client is going to overwrite a
	certificate file.
	These files are not terribly big and they might become helpful if one
	re-creates a certificate with additional or removed domains and
	whishes to revoke the old cert (this part needs a bit of work to make
	it convenient to do).
	OK sthen

Improve handling of added/removed SANs

	If acme-client detects an added or removed SAN in the config file
	compared to the existing certificate on disk, automatically request a
	new certificate without requiring -F.

	(Previously the code using -F only coped with added SANs; if one was
	removed in config then the certificate needed manual removal vefore
	acme-client would work).

	Name checks for -r (revocation) are kept as-is for now.

First fulfill all challenges

	First fulfil all challenges then tell the CA that it should check.

	For http-01 this doesn't matter but I think this will be nicer for
	dns-01 because there are propagation delays to consider and it will be
	better to just put everything in DNS and then wait then wait after
	each challenge.

	Testing & OK sthen
Update from openbsd (2021-01-08 23:10:33 UTC)
Bump version to 1.1.0
Merge updates from openbsd

Handle certificates with \r\n line endings:

	Relax parsing of pem files a bit. Apparently there are CAs that use
	\r\n line endings.
	From Bartosz Kuzma (bartosz.kuzma AT release11.com) as part of a
	larger diff.
	OK beck

Allow providing contacts information:

	We need to be able to provide contact information to use the
	buypass.com acme api.
	From Bartosz Kuzma (bartosz.kuzma AT release11.com), thanks!
	OK beck, deraadt
Update from openbsd (2020-10-01 13:16:38 UTC)
Fix remote build on nix os

Nixpkgs switched to release tarballs. That is great, but it means that
autoreconf is not available for the build. And we need it for the build
from the source. So let's patch it back in.
[json.c] Swap arguments of calloc(3).

While it doesn't matter for calloc, it's easier on the eyes to always
list the number of elements first and then the size.

From Donovan Watteau ( contrib AT dwatteau.fr), Thanks!
Update from openbsd (2020-06-20 20:24:31 UTC)
Simplify nixpkgs build by using nixos image