I'm Yasha. I hack on Gentoo/Funtoo Linux or OpenBSD, and mostly work at my own firm Lupine Software LLC. I love greenery and vegetables.


Tools and data of book reading logs


Personal .zsh configuration and scripts


Advent of Code Challenges


This is a test repository for myself to make sure git-sendemail works


This is a small defiance of memory on the verge of loss and contribution to somewhat of my motivation


A yet another validation library provides a macro inspired by Accord


The website of https://grauwoelfchen.net


A yet another static blog generator


The website hosted as https://grauwoelfchen.at/


A yet another small flashcards library and CLI/TUI applications


A repository for miscellaneous scripts and utilities


Presentation tool utilizes LaTex Beamer package


A tracker application for MOTivational Intermittent Fasting


a personal tool that utilizes Window.localStorage for temporary tiny tasks

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