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#🌐 giloliveira.net

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#What is this?

This is the source code for my personal website. It is not the actual HTML/CSS that is running on the server, but rather the code that is used to generate the static pages using a static page generator.

#What technologies/services are you using?

  • Markdown (.md files) for the website content.
  • Wowchemy for the theme (Academic) and the website builder system.
  • Hugo for the static page generation.
  • builds.sr.ht for generating the website and pushing it to the web server.

#Am I being tracked when browsing your website?

Not by me, analytics are not enabled at this point. I also don't log IPs. Full privacy policy available at giloliveira.net/privacy. The website was also designed not to rely on content from external servers. Server is hosted by Contabo in Germany, data is stored within the European Union.


Code is MIT licensed, content is copyrighted. Check LICENSE.txt.