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Fixes to adapt to the new way builds.sr.ht clones git repos.
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@@ 6,7 6,9 @@ by [Gil](https://gil.omg.lol)

**Heads up!:** Start with an empty repository as the scripts only track files changed in a given commit. A file needs to have changes made to its contents in relation to the previous commit in order for the updated version of the file to be uploaded to your weblog.

1. Download `example.build.yml`, rename it to `.build.yml` and add it to the root of your repo.
**If you're using macOS/Linux/UNIX:** Files starting with a `.` are usually hidden by your OS's file manager, as they assume it's a system file. Take that into account after renaming the `.build.yml` file. Most IDEs show these files anyways and there's usually an option on your file manager to show hidden files.

1. Download `example.build.yml` and replace the URL in line 7 with the read-only clone URL of your repository. If your repository's visibility is set to private, you'll want to follow [sourcehut's documentation on the subject](https://man.sr.ht/builds.sr.ht/private-repos.md). Rename the file to `.build.yml` after you're done making the necessary changes.
2. Download `secretvars.sh` and keep it somewhere safe outside your repo (we are going to put secret stuff in it).
3. In `secretvars.sh` edit line 4 and replace `foobar` with the portion of your address before the `.omg.lol` part.
4. In `secretvars.sh` edit line 5 and replace `insert-api-token-here` with the API key you retrieved from [your account page](https://home.omg.lol/account#api-key).

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image: ubuntu/lts
  - https://git.sr.ht/~foobar/repo
  - curl
  - php