Deploy your sourcehut repo to weblog.lol using sourcehut builds
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#weblog.lol sourcehut builds integration

by Gil


Heads up!: It's recommended that you delete the files currently in your weblog prior to using git. To do that, add a blank reset file under the configuration folder.

If you're using macOS/Linux/UNIX: Files starting with a . are usually hidden by your OS's file manager, as they assume it's a system file. Take that into account after renaming the .build.yml file. Most IDEs show these files anyways and there's usually an option on your file manager to show hidden files.

  1. Download example.build.yml and replace the URL in line 7 with the read-only clone URL of your repository. If your repository's visibility is set to private, you'll want to follow sourcehut's documentation on the subject. Rename the file to .build.yml after you're done making the necessary changes.
  2. Download secretvars.sh and keep it somewhere safe outside your repo (we are going to put secret stuff in it).
  3. In secretvars.sh edit line 4 and replace foobar with the portion of your address before the .omg.lol part.
  4. In secretvars.sh edit line 5 and replace insert-api-token-here with the API key you retrieved from your account page.
  5. In secretvars.sh edit line 6 and replace myweblog with your repo name (the part after the https://git.sr.ht/~foobar/).
  6. Navigate to the "secrets" section of sourcehut builds.
  7. Select "File" under "Secret Type", type ~/.secretvars, type 777, and upload the edited secretvars.sh file. Give it a name, for your reference, and click "Add secret".
  8. On the right-hand side, a new entry will appear, copy the alphanumeric identifier over the name you gave your secret on the last step.
  9. Edit .build.yml, edit line 3 replace YOUR_SOURCEHUT_SECRET_ID with the identifier you copied in the last step.
  10. Add your weblog posts and pages as .md files under a weblog folder and your custom configuration.txt and template.html files under a configuration folder.
  11. Commit and push your changes to your repo and the sourcehut builds job will automatically start. You can track its progress on the URL outputted by your console after you push your changes.

You can then remove the reset file, if you've added it, from any subsequent commits as it's no longer necessary.


TL;DR: Do whatever you want with it, no attribution required (although is always apprecciated :D). You're on your own though, no warranty/support here.

The code in this repository is made available under the BSD Zero Clause License. You can read it in LICENSE.

Improvements are always welcome!