cce144c2 — Gregory Anders 4 months ago v0.1.1
Update shell completion files

Only awk files with a valid id. This both prevents parsing non-wiki
files (which is wasteful) and attempting to parse any subdirectories
(which causes an error).
582e052e — Gregory Anders 4 months ago
Add editor integration section to README
850b2c84 — Gregory Anders 4 months ago
Add examples link to README
ac9dcd6e — Gregory Anders 4 months ago
vim: use completefunc instead of omnifunc
6cf2f35f — Gregory Anders 4 months ago
Create directories before installing
4fa4d554 — Gregory Anders 4 months ago
Fix casing in Makefile
1a41a581 — Gregory Anders 4 months ago
Highlight triple dots as closing front matter fence
Update installation instructions in README
Update Makefile with new project name
Update completion files to use wk
Add Vim plugin to contrib dir
Move completions to contrib dir
Add introduction to README
Rename project to wk
Change file naming scheme

For a note with the title 'Hello, world!':





We also now sanitize file names, disallowing characters that are
troublesome in shells (e.g. *, ?, and ").
Remove modified logic

This was only really necessary for knowing which files to commit to git,
but since files are now only committed in the 'new' and 'sync' commands
it's no longer needed.
Refactor backlinks logic

Instead of parsing backlinks when getting the list of Zettels, only find
backlinks when they are actually being written. Also use a HashMap to
represent backlinks instead of a pointer to the Zettel object, which is
much safer.
Only create git commits on 'sync' and 'new' commands
c0b916b5 — Dani Pozo 6 months ago
Link to libc

Apparently, Zig fails to detect the dependency on libc
if not told explicitly.
Move all committing logic into commitZettels function
Increase buffer size for strftime