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After cloning this repository, you can install `wk` under `$PREFIX/bin` by
running the following from the project root:
Download and extract a [release] to the location of your choosing.

    make PREFIX=$PREFIX install
[release]: https://git.sr.ht/~gpanders/wk/refs

If `PREFIX` is not specified, `wk` will be installed under `zig-cache/bin/`.
### Homebrew

If you use macOS and Homebrew you can use

    brew install --HEAD gpanders/tap/wk

### Build from source

Install [zig]. After cloning this repository, build `wk` with


This will build `wk` under `zig-cache/bin/`. You can install `wk` using

    make install

By default, this installs to `/usr/local/bin/`. To install to a different
location, set the `prefix` variable. For example, to install under
`$HOME/.local/bin/` use

    make prefix=$HOME/.local install