Update installation instructions in README
Update UAL_PATH in completion files
Format script with shfmt
Use XDG_DATA_HOME/ual as default notes dir instead of $HOME/.notes
chdir to $NOTES dir before opening a note
Update sync subcommand
Use POSIX sh
Correct template for new notes

The new note template was still using the format for scdoc.
Suppress error output of id command
Revert back to using Markdown for notes
Wrap ual in a shell function for invocation
Add curl installation command to README
Fix syntax error
Add header metadata to new notes
Remove Markdown support and convert ual to a bash script

Add scdoc info to README
Add support for notes written in scdoc[1] format

[1]: https://drewdevault.com/2018/05/13/scdoc.html
Add tbl preprocessor and add -R flag to less