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# ual

`ual` is a tool to write and manage custom notes that can be viewed just like
man pages in your terminal, using the command `ual`. Your pages can be called

@@ 6,28 7,36 @@ anything you like and can contain anything you like. This is useful for writing
down quick notes for complicated command invocations or other reference

As an example, see some of my own notes
As an example, see some of my own notes [here][notes].

## Prerequisites
[notes]: https://github.com/gpanders/notes

-   [`pandoc`](https://pandoc.org/)

## Installation
- [`pandoc`][pandoc]

[pandoc]: https://pandoc.org/


### macOS

brew install gpanders/tap/ual
brew install --HEAD gpanders/tap/ual

### Other Platforms

curl -sLo /usr/local/bin/ual https://git.io/JerRw
curl -sLO https://git.sr.ht/~gpanders/ual/tree/master/ual
chmod +x ual
mv ual /usr/local/bin/

## Usage

To view a note called `foo`, simply use

@@ 57,10 66,10 @@ notes with
is unset. `$XDG_DATA_HOME` resolves to `$HOME/.local/share` unless specifically
set otherwise.

## Writing Notes
Writing Notes

Notes should be written in [Markdown format](https://pandoc.org/MANUAL.html#pandocs-markdown).
See below for an example.
Notes should be written in [Markdown format][]. Example:


@@ 97,3 106,5 @@ For example, **this text** will not be bold, and _this text_ will not be underli
This is useful for blocks of code or other preformatted text.

[Markdown format]: https://pandoc.org/MANUAL.html#pandocs-markdown