Add CHANGELOG and command line flag to report version
Add bin directory
Add poetry.lock file
Rename project to pushbroom
Look in multiple locations for default config file

First check for $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/janitor/config and if not present look
for $HOME/.janitorrc.
Update copyright year in LICENSE
Use poetry in favor of setuptools
Start conversion of janitor into a python package
Use proper find syntax
e6f79789 — Greg Anders 4 years ago
Fix typo in installation output
Add quotes around argument variables to help with paths that contain spaces
Use logs folder in Janitor installation directory
Optimize install script
Remove unused LOG_DIR variable
Fix error in install script if user has no current crontab entries
Add .gitignore
Print usage help and add option to hard delete files instead of moving to trash
Parameterize install script: options can now be specified at installation instead of modifying janitor.sh
Update README with options documentation