Update poetry.lock
Add MacPorts installation instructions
Change Pushbroom to pushbroom in README
Remove Homebrew installation instructions
Update build manifest

* Don't upload artifacts to sourcehut
* Use API token for PyPI
* Suppress echo statements to protect password
* Use nixos as build image (which includes poetry)
Remove Homebrew installation from README
Update homepage
Add build manifest for builds.sr.ht
Bump minimum Python version to 3.6
Update docstrings
Fix comma placement
Update copyright year in license
Update contributing information in README
Update links and installation instructions in README
Add contributing information to README
Add bugfix version number for PyPi
Version 0.3.2

More bug fixes regarding incompatibility of Python 3.5 system calls with
Version 0.3.1

  - Fix pathlib error with open() call in Python 3.5
  - Look for config file in /etc/pushbroom if not found in user's home
Bump version number to 0.3.0