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@@ 30,7 30,7 @@ Pushbroom will run once every hour.

Install using pip:

    pip install pushbroom
    pip install --user pushbroom

### From source

@@ 43,6 43,14 @@ locations:
    cp -r bin /usr/local/
    cp -n pushbroom.conf ~/.config/pushbroom/config

## Usage

Pushbroom can be run from the command line using:


Use `pushbroom --help` to see a list of command line options.

## Configuration

The Pushbroom configuration file is organized into sections where each section

@@ 98,6 106,26 @@ Number of days to keep files in `Path` before they are removed.

Glob expression pattern of files or directories to ignore.

## Automating

If installed via Homebrew then Pushbroom can be set to run once every hour using

    brew services start gpanders/tap/pushbroom

Another option is to install a crontab entry

    0 */1 * * * /usr/local/bin/pushbroom

If you are using a Linux distribution that uses systemd, you can copy the
[systemd service
to `~/.local/share/systemd/` and enable the service with

    systemctl --user enable --now pushbroom

Note that you may need to change the path to the `pushbroom` script in the
service file depending on your method of installation.

## Similar Work

- [Belvedere](https://github.com/mshorts/belvedere): An automated file manager

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