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@@ 21,16 21,20 @@ Copy and modify the included `pushbroom.conf` file to
`~/.config/pushbroom/config` and use `brew services start
gpanders/tap/pushbroom` to start the automatic launchd daemon:

    cp -n /usr/local/etc/pushbroom.conf ~/.config/pushbroom/config
    cp /usr/local/etc/pushbroom.conf ~/.config/pushbroom/config
    brew services start gpanders/tap/pushbroom

Pushbroom will run once every hour.

### PyPI
### pipx

Install using pip:
Install using [pipx](https://pipxproject.github.io/pipx/):

    pip install --user pushbroom
    pipx install pushbroom

Copy the [example configuration
to `~/.config/pushbroom/config` or create your own from scratch.

### From source

@@ 40,8 44,8 @@ locations:

    tar xzf pushbroom-vX.Y.Z.tar.gz
    cd pushbroom-vX.Y.Z
    cp -r bin /usr/local/
    cp -n pushbroom.conf ~/.config/pushbroom/config
    cp bin/pushbroom /usr/local/bin/pushbroom
    cp pushbroom.conf ~/.config/pushbroom/config

## Usage

@@ 103,12 107,16 @@ Both `Ignore` and `Match` can be a list of patterns separated by commas.
    Match = .*
    Ignore = .local, .config, .cache, .vim

Note that `.*` **is not** a regular expression for "match everything", but
rather a _glob expression_ for "all files that start with a period".

The following configuration items are recognized in `pushbroom.conf`:

### Path

Specify which directory to monitor.
Absolute path to a directory to monitor. Tildes (`~`) are expanded to the
user's home directory.

### Trash