v1.1.0 a month ago

Version 1.1.0

The highlight of this release is significantly improved performance in
the ijq UI. ijq will no longer block the main UI thread when running jq
subprocesses, and will now also cancel old jq processes when the text
input field changes (this is important for large JSON documents where jq
takes a non-trivial amount of time to run).

In addition, the jq subprocess will start writing to the output pane as
soon as output data is available, instead of first buffering into a
temporary buffer and then writing to the text view when jq is complete.

For more details, see [my blog post][1].

Other changes include:

* [Use synchronized
output](https://git.sr.ht/~gpanders/ijq/commit/98c8bd045074d924f4c3db77f6f30b7973f030ec) (Gregory Anders)
* [Support autocompletion of keys after a pipe (|)
character](https://git.sr.ht/~gpanders/ijq/commit/2b4e7118cbadeea1958114be8c22dcda3feaf124) (Gregory Anders)
* [Update links in the
  README](https://git.sr.ht/~gpanders/ijq/commit/92f2a6e64492c27f6dc7d9ab05a94401e7e35ab6) (Stefan VanBuren)

[1]: https://gpanders.com/blog/making-ijq-fast/