Explicitly clone ijq sources

This is required when the build manifest is submitted by the hottub
integration from GitHub commits/PRs.
Describe how to file tickets without sourcehut account
Use Escape function from tview
Fixup history tests
Escape tview color tags in history text
Stop build early when not submitted via git.sr.ht
Add packaging status badge from Repology
Don't clear output view on jq error
Update asciicast demo
Add scroll indicator to viewing panes
Enable mouse support
Add more keybindings

Wrapping is now disabled and the Left/Right arrow keys (or h/l) can be
used to scroll the viewing panes horizontally.

Add support for "readline" bindings such as C-v and M-v to scroll the
viewing panes vertically, and C-a and C-e to scroll horizontally.

Also use 'u', 'f', 'b', and 'd' to scroll like in a pager.
Update tarball name in README
858520b2 — Gregory Anders 4 months ago v0.3.8
Version 0.3.8
7814df42 — Gregory Anders 4 months ago
Revert to upstream tview

Upstream has added the ability to set the styles on the autocomplete
list, and the default values are actually pretty good, so there's no
longer any need to maintain a fork.
dca3cdd5 — Gregory Anders 4 months ago
Check that jq command exists before starting UI
648e8ea8 — Gregory Anders 4 months ago v0.3.7
Add slash (/) to the list of special chars

Fixes: https://todo.sr.ht/~gpanders/ijq/6
Use hut in build manifest