Surround keys containing special characters in quotes
Filter autocompletion list based on current entry

Narrow down the list of autocompletion items to those matching the
prefix the user has currently entered. This is the expected behavior for
most (all?) autocompletion providers.
Use replace directive in go.mod
Customize autocomplete list colors

In order to do this I have to use a fork of the tview library that
exposes functions to set the autocomplete list colors. The upstream
library hardcodes these styles in a way that it's essentially impossible
to get something that looks good on both light and dark terminal
backgrounds. If/when upstream adds this functionality I will revert the
dependency back.
Add SPDX license identifiers and license headers
Use ColorDefault for text color in input field

Instead of globally specifying the PrimaryTextColor, explicitly set the
text color only on the InputField primitive. Modifying the
PrimaryTextColor style has the unintended side effect of also modifying
the colors used by the autocompletion list.
Remove Homebrew package from README

I'm no longer maintaining my custom Homebrew tap so I don't want to
advertise it. If ijq is ever added to Homebrew core I will add it back.
Update build manifest
Fix issue with dark background in light terminals

tview defaults to supporting dark terminal themes and it hard codes
color values for the background and foreground. Reset the hard coded
styles to `ColorDefault` which simply causes tview to use the colors
defined by the terminal itself.
Test creating history file in sub-directory
Add option to specify name or path of jq binary

- add basic tests for Document using this change
Skip mirror and build tasks on GitHub PRs
Add unit tests to build manifest
Move scanner.Err check outside of scan loop
Add initial tests

- move history to its own file
- add Makefile targets for running tests and viewing test coverage
- add .gitignore entry to ignore coverage file