Update asset filename in README
Update version number
Debounce filter input

Entering input too quickly (e.g. holding a single key) causes array
indexing errors in the tview library. This is most likely a concurrency
issue caused by a race condition on the `outputWriter` in the filter
input's asynchronous `ChangedFunc`.

My solution to this problem is to debounce the filter input so that the
filter is only executed at most every millisecond. This causes a
noticeable amount of input latency when a single key is held down, but
it's better than the program crashing.
Remove superfluous example in README
Use canonical Makefile variable names

Makefile conventions use lowercase for `prefix` and `bindir`, as well as
`install -d` over `mkdir -p` [1].

[1]: https://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/html_node/Makefile-Conventions.html#Makefile-Conventions
Fix asset name in README example
Update build manifest
Add build manifest
Read initial filter from file with -f flag
Update installation instructions in README
Add command to print version
Strip binary to reduce file size
Print filter to stderr on exit
Update asciicast url in README
Error if no data on stdin when trying to read
Add commandline flags to pass through to jq
Add gitignore file
Add install target to Makefile
Remove minimum height requirement from input field
Set input field text to red on invalid filter