Remove root directory from zipped site

Before, the site.zip file contained `netlify.toml` and `public`, which
Netlify failed to properly deploy. Instead, the _contents_ of `public`
need to be at the top level of the zip archive, along with
`netlify.toml`. The `zip` tool doesn't have a way to neatly strip off
the top level root directory, so the best solution is create the archive
in the `public` directory itself.
Deploy site as zip file to Netlify API
Add link to notes in nav
Make newer ncurses version more generic
Update light syntax theme to pygments
New post: The definitive guide to using tmux-256color on macOS
Remove GoatCounter tracking
Add well-known file for Matrix server delegation
Whitelist inline KaTeX script in CSP
Update public key

Update email in UID
Update GPG public key
Remove left border on sidebar
Make foreground text colors black
Change Greg to Gregory
Update build manifest