ccadfc70 — Greg Anders 6 months ago master
85d04654 — Greg Anders 7 months ago
Front end style and layout updates
a50c9a9e — Greg Anders 7 months ago
Update Dockerfile

- Ensure Go binary installs with the proper name by renaming the parent
  directory to `garchive`
- Expose and use port 8080 (there's no reason to use port 80 in a Docker
0e6ed22a — Greg Anders 7 months ago
Wait for wget jobs to complete

Have the `fetch` script wait for all wget jobs to complete instead of
forking them all immediately. This provides a mechanism to do some kind
of "post processing" once the archive is generated.

Note that in order to generate the list of PIDs we have to pipe the
output of awk to a temp file and then read the temp file in the while
loop, instead of simply piping awk into the while loop directly. This is
due to the fact that variables modified within a pipeline do not have
their values modified. See SC2031 [1] for more information.

[1]: https://github.com/koalaman/shellcheck/wiki/SC2031
9e136c98 — Greg Anders 7 months ago v0.1.0
Initial commit