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Ultra-simple front-end for a web archive.


## Description

This tool provides a web front-end for a repository of archived web pages,

@@ 19,7 21,7 @@ maintain archives of websites and fight [link rot][].
The easiest method is to use [Docker](#using-docker). If you can't or don't
want to use Docker, you can build `garchive` yourself:

    $ git clone https://github.com/gpanders/garchive
    $ git clone git://git.gpanders.com/garchive.git
    $ cd garchive
    $ go build

@@ 46,7 48,7 @@ directory.
Once you have your `links.csv` file and your archived websites, use `garchive`
to serve up a simple front-end to access those archives:

    $ garchive -links links.csv -archive data
    $ garchive --links links.csv --archive data

By default, `garchive` will bind to address `` and port `8080`. Use the
`-addr` and `-port` commandline flags to change those settings.