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#Gandi CLI Tool

Command line interface to the Gandi API.



Install using pip:

pip3 install --user gandi


Install using pipx:

pipx install gandi


Run gandi setup to create a configuration file at $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gandi/config. This will ask for your Gandi API key as well as an (optional) default domain name and an (optional) default mailbox ID.

If you specify a domain name and mailbox ID, subcommands that require these parameters will use the values supplied in your config file instead of requiring them as commandline flags.




setup: Setup the Gandi CLI config file

gandi setup

alias: Manage email aliases

gandi alias [-d DOMAIN] [-m MAILBOXID] (-l|--list | -a|--add ALIAS | -r|--remove ALIAS)

mbox: Manage email mailboxes

gandi alias [-d DOMAIN] --list