dotfiles/.local d---------
scpaste: use print instead of write
Replace upaste with scpaste
Remove old/unused files
nvim: make fugitive work for dotfiles

This requires manually setting b:git_dir and modifying the git wrapper
to still set '--git-dir' with '-C $HOME' as an argument.
tmux: update URL pattern in fzfurl.sh
pandoc: update GitHub template
tmux: fzfurl: don't require DISPLAY
mutt: update config

* Remove superfluous comments
* Add, remove, and modify some bindings
* Use a display filter to highlight git diffs
* Use the tmux fzfurl.sh script to find URLs in messages
tmux: update fzfurl script
Fix upaste script
tmux: improve backwards compatibility
tmux: use fzf-url script for opening URLs
pwck: rewrite in Python
tmux: update canonical tmux-256color terminfo
git: update wrapper script
Check for -C flag in git wrapper
Revert "Revert back to using shell function for git wrapper"

This reverts commit 2d630460ee1d015463b79434fb484718a66cd9d0.

Shell functions 1) only work in the shell (duh) and 2) need to be
required for every possible shell. In practice I really only use bash
and fish, but still.
mutt: update mailcap file
pandoc: set font size in email template
mutt: prefer pandoc for converting emails to html

Pandoc allows more customization for styling, etc.

Also remove the default.html template file for pandoc since newer
versions of pandoc already include a pretty decent style specification
by default.