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Revert "Revert back to using shell function for git wrapper"

This reverts commit 2d630460ee1d015463b79434fb484718a66cd9d0.

Shell functions 1) only work in the shell (duh) and 2) need to be
required for every possible shell. In practice I really only use bash
and fish, but still.
Revert back to using shell function for git wrapper

Using a separate shell script as a wrapper seemed way too fragile since
it depended on modifying the PATH to a hardcoded value. Using a shell
function is definitely a better approach, but the problem was that I
couldn't get it to work with fish's shell completion.

After plenty of trial and error, I was finally able to get it to work!
So now I can have the best of both worlds.
Use git wrapper script instead of a shell function

This makes fish completions work when in the home directory. This also
means that other tools that use git will also respect the dotfiles repo
in the home directory.
Don't alias vim to nvim

What an atrocity...
Use single quotes for bash aliases

This means that variables inside an alias will be expanded at use-time
instead of at define-time. See shellcheck SC2139 [1].

[1]: https://github.com/koalaman/shellcheck/wiki/SC2139
Add git shell function to wrap git commands for dotfiles

Instead of using a separate alias/function (e.g. 'cfg' or 'config') just
make git do what I mean when used in my home directory (i.e. when
managing the dotfiles repo).
Manage dotfiles directly in home directory
Move weechat config directory to .config/weechat

Also add appropriate aliases to each shell to make sure weechat reads
from this directory.
Make tmux use XDG specification
Fix indent in bash scripts
Updates to bash, vhdl ftplugin, and pyterm plugin

* Don't show output of the check to see if __git_ps1 is defined
* Add more settings to the VHDL ftplugin, including 'comments',
  'formatoptions', 'textwidth', and abbreviations
* Define a :Pyterm command that allows the user what program to run in
  the terminal
fe3b4b79 — Greg Anders 2 years ago
Fix bash cd aliases
Use stow to create and manage symlinks to home directory
a0ac691c — Greg Anders 3 years ago
Add bash_aliases to repo