vim: remove debug print statement
vim: fzy: update find files command when leaving a git repo
vim: fzy: use awk to parse tags

This is significantly faster than using Vim's builtin `taglist` function
vim: set global tags setting to find tags under git dir
ctags: ignore json files
vim: highlight extra trailing whitespace in mail buffers

It's only highlighted when there are two or more trailing spaces, since
one trailing space is used to indicate line-continuation with
mutt: open plain text emails in $EDITOR
git: explicitly set envelopeSender
mutt: use hooks to configure multipart emails
mutt: use urlscan over urlview
mutt: disable signature
mutt: set envelope_from address

This will ensure the correct account is used by msmtp, regardless of
what the From: header says.
vim: restore fzy runtime files
fish: use fzy instead of fzf for fuzzy finding
vim: add guards in vim-lsc configuration
alacritty: use absolute paths in imports
git: suppress default branch name message
mutt: reply using the address mail was sent to
tmux: explicitly set default command to fish