ref: c8e63bac959db19c138dcc3198a56514f0b444ff dotfiles/.emacs.d/lisp/init-evil.el -rw-r--r-- 4.6 KiB
Manage dotfiles directly in home directory
Enable mu4e emacs plugin if installed
Disable bell in emacs and fix find-file-in-path function
Enable evil-mode in org-mode and add publishing options for wiki
Cleanup emacs config

Don't use evil-collection and only use evil mode in programming buffers
[emacs] Replace persp-mode with eyebrowse
Add base16 theme to emacs
[emacs] Use SPC TAB instead of DEL to go to alternate buffer
[emacs] Re-enable exec-path-from-shell on Linux systems

I read (incorrectly) that exec-path-from-shell was only needed on Mac
GUI emacs, which is apparently not true.

Also revert company's settings back to using init and setq instead of
:custom. It just polluted the custom.el file.
[emacs] Improve startup time

* Remove package 'general'
* Lazy load init-python and init-org files
* Lazy load many other packages
* Wrap some package initialization in eval-and-compile to allow
  byte-compiling (although I tried byte compiling and it doesn't seem to
* Using esup to profile emacs startup shows startup time at just over 2
[emacs] Enable column number mode

* Change company-select-prev to company-select-previous
* Set markdown-command variable to "pandoc"
* Use general to define persp-mode keybindings
* Swap : and ; in both normal and visual states
* Set prompt regex pattern for IPython buffer
[emacs] Setup persp-mode to C-x p prefix

* Installs persp-mode-projectile-bridge to create a new perspective for
  each projectile project
* Sets garbage collection variables during init process to potentially
  improve speed (credit to Doom Emacs)
* Set C-n and C-p company bindings
[emacs] Revert find-file-at-point remap from fb3421b
[emacs] Enable projectile caching

* Set inferior shell to /bin/sh which speeds up some Projectile
* Set TeX engine to luatex
* Use doom-themes and create function to toggle between light and dark
  themes on-the-fly
[emacs] Add persp-mode and more projectile configs

* Update custom.el
* Have Projectile generate tags files under .git/etags (similar to how
  we auto-generate tags for vim under .git/tags)
* Remove recentf package config, since recent files are included in
  find-file already
* Remove my custom rust functions since Projectile does these things
* Re-enable sane term
* Disable ' character in smartparens-mode in emacs-lisp-mode
[emacs] Enable org-babel Python

* Enable org-babel python
* Remove unnecessary cargo-run-from-root-dir command
* Disable yasnippets for now, they just cause headaches and I don't
  even really use them
* Only enable flycheck-mode in prog-mode
* C-d deletes forward in Insert mode
* C-u deletes line backward in Insert mode (like in Vim)
* Enable smartparens-global-mode
* Add color-theme-sanityinc-tomorrow theme
[emacs] Install git-gutter and leuven light theme

* Create some useful GTD-related commands
* Create run-ipython command
* Use ripgrep or ag for counsel-file-jump if they exist
[emacs] Various changes

* Set bindings for company-active-map to mimic vim completion
* Remove company-frontends and company-backends configurations that I
  copied from Doom Emacs. I didn't like them and don't understand them
* Copy ivy configs from Doom Emacs
* Add C-x vim style completions in insert mode
* Only enable display-line-numbers-mode in prog-mode
* Enable auto-fill-mode for text-mode
* Add custom themes for paren-match, cursor, and higlight
[emacs] Refactor python environment

* Move python config into its own file, init-python.el
* Load exec-path-from-shell first, as other package configuration
  depends on the presence of commands in the path
* Disable company autocompletion, use C-SPC to use it manually
* A lot of the python config was cribbed directly from
  [Spacemacs](http://spacemacs.org) and
  [Doom Emacs](https://github.com/hlissner/doom-emacs)
[emacs] Add matlab-mode