ref: c8e63bac959db19c138dcc3198a56514f0b444ff dotfiles/.config/weechat/irc.conf -rw-r--r-- 7.6 KiB
Manage dotfiles directly in home directory
Update weechat settings for 2.7
Move weechat config directory to .config/weechat

Also add appropriate aliases to each shell to make sure weechat reads
from this directory.
Update weechat buffer format and increase lag threshold
More weechat tweaks
Update weechat and mutt layout and colors
Add bitlbee to weechat
Add gitter server to weechat
Update weechat config
Enable weechat IRC capabilities
Update weechat config, pt. 2
Update weechat settings

- Make weechat color scheme match the base16 theme a bit better
- Set settings for urlserver that actually work
Update weechat for base16 color palette
Unencrypt weechat irc.conf file

This file contains configs that may vary on different machines -- when
it's encrypted it's not possible to maintain diffs across branches. So
instead of encrypting the whole file, store the sensitive information in
sec.conf (which is encrypted) and unencrypt irc.conf.
Update weechat colors to use base16 colors
Add weechat