ref: c8e63bac959db19c138dcc3198a56514f0b444ff dotfiles/.config/offlineimap/config -rw-r--r-- 1.5 KiB
Manage dotfiles directly in home directory
Make gmail use native IMAP instead of offlineimap

My gmail account has gigabytes worth of emails, which is a lot to
download and sync. Since I don't particularly care about having offline
access to that account, it makes more sense to just use IMAP directly.
This is easy to change in the future if I change my mind (just modify a
few lines in the offlineimap config and the config.gmail file under the
mutt config directory).

This commit also includes a bunch of updates to mutt, including adding
the sidebar and adding more options. Many of the settings were taken
from Steve Losh's [The Homely Mutt].

[The Homely Mutt]: http://stevelosh.com/blog/2012/10/the-homely-mutt/#why-local-email
Add Gmail back to offlineimap and mutt

This effectively reverts commit ded31544.
Make offlineimap run continuously in the background
Clean up and simplify mutt/offlineimap

For now, I am sticking with using actual filesystem folders in mutt
instead of virtual folders with notmuch. It's much simpler, and for the
time being I don't have any reason to justify the extra complexity of
the virtual folders.

Notmuch is still integrated to perform searches. In the future if I ever
have a bajillion emails and using real folders is too slow or something,
I may switch back. The config file is still in place and only needs to
be uncommented in muttrc.
[offlineimap] Put mail directly underneath mail folder
[offlineimap] Sync Trash directory
Remove Gmail from mutt/offlineimap
[offlineimap] Update notmuch script
ca68f39d — Greg Anders 2 years ago
Add GMail account to OffineIMAP
Add notmuch script to OfflineIMAP postsynchook
Add OfflineIMAP config