ref: c8e63bac959db19c138dcc3198a56514f0b444ff dotfiles/.config/mutt/bindings.rc -rw-r--r-- 2.5 KiB
Manage dotfiles directly in home directory
Don't flatten email hierarchy in mbsync
Deleting a message in mutt also clears the 'new' flag
Remove superflous mutt bindings
Add mutt gpg config and suffix mutt config files with .rc
Update mutt

- Fix bug in K macro
- Set resolve=no by default
- Make j,k in the index move over deleted-messages
- Make w3m include link numbers in output
- Change deleted color to "dimmed" instead of red
Rewrite mutt multipart/alternative binding
Set smtp_authenticators and change A macro in gmail account
Add mutt binding to convert Markdown emails to HTML
Update weechat and mutt layout and colors
Add next/prev account indicator in mutt status bar

- Change "change account" binding to [a/]a instead of gt/gT
Fix mutt A binding

Set resolve=no so that the cursor does not move to the next message
after the <clear-flag> function.
Add mailcap entries for text/plain attachments in mutt
Switch back to urlview from urlscan
Connect khard to mutt
Change notmuch search binding in mutt
Remove msmtp from setup and replace urlview with urlscan
Make gmail use native IMAP instead of offlineimap

My gmail account has gigabytes worth of emails, which is a lot to
download and sync. Since I don't particularly care about having offline
access to that account, it makes more sense to just use IMAP directly.
This is easy to change in the future if I change my mind (just modify a
few lines in the offlineimap config and the config.gmail file under the
mutt config directory).

This commit also includes a bunch of updates to mutt, including adding
the sidebar and adding more options. Many of the settings were taken
from Steve Losh's [The Homely Mutt].

[The Homely Mutt]: http://stevelosh.com/blog/2012/10/the-homely-mutt/#why-local-email
Correct archive macro in mutt

The <read-thread> function caused the cursor to move, so the
<save-message> function actually was being applied to the wrong message.
Apparently, the correct way to mark a message as "read" is to clear the
N flag (which stands for New).
Redraw screen after mailbox change in mutt