ref: c8e63bac959db19c138dcc3198a56514f0b444ff dotfiles/.config/fish/conf.d/fzf.fish -rw-r--r-- 495 bytes
Manage dotfiles directly in home directory
Change back to fzf from fzy
Fish changes

- Remove xdg.fish
- Add pure.fish
- Add fishtape and gpanders/pure fork to fishfile
- Only run fzf.fish if fzf installed
Fish shell changes

- Put fisher bootstrapping into a conf.d script
- Remove pyenv and rbenv conf.d scripts
- Add !! and !$ substitution
Fish shell changes

- Configure FZF using the correct variable names
- Don't manage fish_variables in version control
- Define XDG variables explicitly. This is useful because fish doesn't
  have a "${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-$HOME/.config}" capability