Move weechat config directory to .config/weechat

Also add appropriate aliases to each shell to make sure weechat reads
from this directory.
Add update-master git alias for dotfiles repo
Update weechat buffer format and increase lag threshold
Update weechat/sec.conf
Add fish 'less' function
Flatten hierarchy in mutt folders
Remove ual shell plugins
Add scdoc ftplugin
Add mutt gpg config and suffix mutt config files with .rc
Track git config file
Add vim-scdoc plugin
Use :keepjumps and :keeppatterns in Markdown formatexpr
Remove old mailboxes file in mutt config
Remove vim from ctags ignore list
Add tmux script to show number of unread mail
Allow mutt to view calendar files
Update mutt

- Fix bug in K macro
- Set resolve=no by default
- Make j,k in the index move over deleted-messages
- Make w3m include link numbers in output
- Change deleted color to "dimmed" instead of red
Refactor Markdown formatexpr function

- Rename to ft#markdown#formatexpr
- Use `:g` instead of `:s` to unwrap wrapped links
- Replace *italics* with _italics_
- Replace ``` {.lang} with ```lang for fenced code blocks
Add bitlbee_typing_notice item to status bar
Rewrite mutt multipart/alternative binding