ref: 6caf16682c54e997cad0887bdd85e297285975ee dotfiles/.config/git/config -rw-r--r-- 926 bytes
git: suppress default branch name message
git: use msmtp for sendemail
git: re-add email to global config
git: only confirm when composing
git: simplify config and remove email address
git: add lfs filter to config file
git: enable pull --rebase by default
Update public facing name and email
git: set global user email and update branch alias
Add git 'ca' alias for commit --amend
Remove personal email address from dotfiles
Set default date format for git log
Update global git config
Add git stash alias
Use pass-git-helper as git credential helper
Add git aliases for snapshot and log graph
Change git status alias to simply 's'
Set git signing key
Manage dotfiles directly in home directory
Add git lfs settings to git config
Track git config file