git: suppress default branch name message
mutt: reply using the address mail was sent to
tmux: explicitly set default command to fish
alacritty: split up config files

Alacritty 0.6.0 provides the ability to import files, allowing the
configuration to be split up into multiple parts.
fish: set GPG_TTY in interactive shells
mutt: update list patterns and show mailing list in index

Also set the pager format and update the attribution string
vim: lsc: suppress stderr from rls
fish: make git wrapper function a bit more intelligent

If the clone subcommand or -C argument is present, don't force git to
use the dotfiles repo.
vim: re-add vim-fugitive
rofi: update style
weechat: modify keybinds and add aliases

* Reset Up/Down to scroll through buffer history, use S-Up/S-Down to
  scroll through global history
* Add /bl alias to show buffer backlogs
* Add /motd alias to show server's MOTD
mutt: set attach_save_dir
git: use msmtp for sendemail
weechat: update settings

* Enable script downloads (new in 3.0)
* Disable autoconnect to all servers except freenode
* Set colors for go plugin
* Remove toggle for non-existent trigger
* Remove multiline.pl script. Weechat now supports multiline messages
fish: make weechat use a virtual env if one exists
mbsync: change mail folder
git: re-add email to global config
mutt: set default PGP signing key
mutt: use msmtp as MTA
mutt: re-add support for multiple accounts
mutt: simplify config

Some of the options I had set are already the default value, and some of
them are not really necessary.