[vim] Add vim-speeddating and vim-easy-align
[vim] Make git commit buffers in vim always start at line 1
[vim] Update plugin headers and guards
[vim] Add plugins

* tpope/vim-eunuch
* tpope/vim-characterize
* tpope/vim-abolish
* romainl/vim-qlist
* wellle/targets.vim
* SirVer/ultisnips
[vim] Add gl and gL mappings for Tabularize

Inspired by vim-lion
[vim] Add projection for vim runtime directory
[vim] Add gitcommit indent file
[vim] Use \g instead of ,g for Fugitive

* Remove a bunch of mappings, including f/t variants for sneak and some
  insert mode mappings
* Make insert completion easier by mapping ,[fdiou] -> <C-X><C-[FDIOU]>
* Set env variable $MYVIMRUNTIME based on current os
* Remove ; and : swap. It's really nice, but it destroys muscle memory
  and makes me way too error-prone on other vim installations
* Add correct grepformat for rg and ag (can't believe this wasn't done
[vim] Fix error in python indent file
[vim] Source current vim file with c<CR>
[vim] Don't use coc.nvim for Python and configure ALE correctly

* Some ALE settings need to be set before it loads, so we need a config
  file under ~/.vim/plugin as well as ~/.vim/after/plugin
* Rewrite python include path function (again). Now it should only
  include directories in sys.path that contain .py files
[vim] Set indent for vim filetypes to 2

* Add :DiffOrig command from vimrc_example
* Set 'nolangremap' (as set in defaults.vim)
* Invert colors for mode indicator in statusline
* Use :Plcd for ,c mapping, if it exists
[vim] Remove textwidth setting and set colorcolumn manually in Python
[vim] Add mappings for help mode to navigate to tags
[emacs] Use SPC TAB instead of DEL to go to alternate buffer
[vim] Python adjustments

* Set textwidth to 80
* Add 'path' to b:undo_ftplugin
* Set python include path to just the site-packages directory of the
* Make ALE use the current directory for pylint (so that it respects the
  .python-version file from pyenv)
* Remove q; mapping
Revert "[vim] Prefer equalprg to formatprg for buffer format tools"

This reverts commit 9ba6f7c2d8dfc4aba68a793d21a441e4aa9cf9aa.
[vim] Enable :Man command in vim

Use :Man for keywordprg in C and C++ files
[vim] Type ~/ when using :edit to jump back to the home directory
[vim] Add split variants of ,e and ,f