ref: 5629911cfe9a2fc4e566bab14373aec451244000 dotfiles/vim/.vim/plugin/polyglot.vim -rw-r--r-- 210 bytes
Re-enable vim python-compiler
Use LuaLaTeX by default and disable vim-polyglot latex plugin
Improve Markdown filetype support

- Incorporate some bug fixes from the vim-markdown source repo
  - https://github.com/tpope/vim-markdown
- Put a guard around parts of the HTML ftplugin, since that file is also
  sourced for Markdown files
- Fix the b:undo_ftplugin variable
- Add the s:cpo_save hack to a few other plugin files
Disable markdown language pack from polyglot

This plugin has too many bugs and Tim Pope's default Markdown plugin
provided with Vim is good enough for me.
Improve and cleanup filetype plugins

* Combine C and C++ filetypes - having both was entirely redundant
* Add a tags ftplugin to make tags files act like tags browsers
* Add a few new projections for Cmake and C-family files
* Add a few new mappings:
  - <Space>t for :tags
  - <Space>r for :registers
  - <Space>m for :marks
  - <Space>M for :marks ABCDE...wxyz