ref: 2da1dde5ea566f82ebe6532bc6d3b8670fd77ce8 dotfiles/vim/.vim/after/plugin/vimtex.vim -rw-r--r-- 424 bytes
Clean up vim runtime

Add 'save_cpo' guards to plugin scripts
Use LuaLaTeX by default and disable vim-polyglot latex plugin
Fix vimtex variable name
[vim] Make vim files more compatible
[vim] Add :EditFtplugin command

* Only set mappings for help files when they are read-only (e.g. not
  when I am editing a help file)
* Set vimtex compiler to nvr (it complains about this in nvim's
* Re-detect filetype when using the mapping to source a vimscript file
[vim] Update plugin headers and guards
[vim] Update tex ftplugin and vimtex plugin config
[vim] Add chktex compiler
Add/update load guards on vim plugins
Add vim-startify and fzf

- Remove neomake config file
- Update mappings for find file in path and file file in cwd
- Remove vim-plug if guards on plugin configuration files
- Make netrw commands (e.g. :Explore) use :Dirvish instead
b625e2c3 — Greg Anders 2 years ago
Move vim plugin configuration to runtimepath so they are executed
Use stow to create and manage symlinks to home directory
5bee46df — Greg Anders 2 years ago
Change vim plugin config directory name from plugin/ to config/
ddde2548 — Greg Anders 3 years ago
Improve plugin loading guards
993d962f — Greg Anders 3 years ago
Add guards to plugin configs to only execute if plugin is active
27f15c41 — Greg Anders 3 years ago
Enable vimtex folding
ce361fa1 — Greg Anders 3 years ago
Add more vimtex configuration
8a3f545a — Greg Anders 3 years ago
Add vimtex.vim config