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Vim housekeeping
Enhance C/C++ environment

* Set formatprg to use Google style if .clang-format file not found
* Create an indent file for C++ to use two spaces for indent (per
  Google's style recommendations)
* For CMake projects, use projectionist to set makeprg to rebuild cmake
  files and :Dispatch to run 'make'
* Tell ALE to use compile_commands.json if they're available
Clean up plugins and use more consistent conventions
Improve and cleanup filetype plugins

* Combine C and C++ filetypes - having both was entirely redundant
* Add a tags ftplugin to make tags files act like tags browsers
* Add a few new projections for Cmake and C-family files
* Add a few new mappings:
  - <Space>t for :tags
  - <Space>r for :registers
  - <Space>m for :marks
  - <Space>M for :marks ABCDE...wxyz
[vim] Update plugin headers and guards
[vim] Touch ups and tweaks

* Remove include files from python complete options
* Add a guard around b:undo_ftplugin in python ftplugin
* Set dispatch compiler to use 'pytest' compiler when 'pytest' is used
  as the command instead of 'py.test'
* Change toggle quickfix hotkey from <C-Q> to \q
* Change tabularize mappings from <leader> to ,
* Use python3 path for include path by default
* Only show cursorline in active window
[vim] Add clangtidy compiler
[vim] Add shellcheck linter for sh files
[vim] Add chktex compiler
[vim] Improve compiler options for python and shell scripts
Add/update load guards on vim plugins
b625e2c3 — Greg Anders 2 years ago
Move vim plugin configuration to runtimepath so they are executed
Disable neomake in favor of vim-dispatch