ref: 2da1dde5ea566f82ebe6532bc6d3b8670fd77ce8 dotfiles/vim/.vim/after/ftplugin/html.vim -rw-r--r-- 356 bytes
Improve Markdown filetype support

- Incorporate some bug fixes from the vim-markdown source repo
  - https://github.com/tpope/vim-markdown
- Put a guard around parts of the HTML ftplugin, since that file is also
  sourced for Markdown files
- Fix the b:undo_ftplugin variable
- Add the s:cpo_save hack to a few other plugin files
Add autoformat plugin and touch up some ftplugins

Remove 'if &filetype' guards from ftplugins -- at worst they prevent
ftplugin "chaining" (e.g. the liquid ftplugin sources the html ftplugin)
and at best they.... don't really do anything.
Add html ftplugin