ref: 2da1dde5ea566f82ebe6532bc6d3b8670fd77ce8 dotfiles/vim d---------
Add mypy to ALE Python linters
Replace snipmate with custom snippets implementation
Don't syntax highlight YAML in Markdown files
Update asynchronous grep callbacks

Only open the quickfix/location list windows at the beginning instead of
on each callback, and only trigger the QuickFixCmdPost autocmd when the
grep command finishes.
Fix python list comprehension syntax
Expand special characters in vim commandline with <Tab>
Only match digits for include pattern in vim note plugin
Update taglist function
Add vim note plugin and update journal.vim
Use list comprehension to evaluate python path in vim
Force default fzf layout in vim
Syntax highlight YAML metadata blocks in Markdown
Update :Grep mappings

g/ is now :Grep and g<CR> is :Grep for the word under the cursor.
Don't highlight trailing whitespace for prose filetypes
Allow filetype to be set by projectionist
Change back to fzf from fzy
Update vim markdown settings

- Use 'commonmark' format with pandoc for formatprg
- Fix undo_ftplugin variable (forgot to change mapping)
- Remove custom syntax definitions that concealed links
- Update ft#markdown#open() regex pattern
Add mapping to open Markdown links in a split
Open links in Markdown files with Return
Show filename in tags list relative to cwd