ref: 1e9f8dd001f12b57c7ff1b45adb7c59541b752c6 dotfiles/.vim/after/ftplugin d---------
vim: create C/C++ tags per file

I think this will be a much better solution because it only creates tags
for header files used in the actual source file. This means we have to
re-create the tags files often as headers are added/removed, but since
it's done asynchronously I don't think it's a big deal. This is better
than the prior solution which generated a single enormous tags file for
all of the system headers -- this made looking for tags slow and made
tag completion unusable.
vim: markdown: remove pandoc formatprg

Honestly using pandoc to autoformat Markdown files was more trouble than
it was worth. The commonmark mode doesn't support YAML metadata or
setext headers, and the markdown mode applies its own idiosyncratic
formatting, which isn't necessarily bad, but it's not always consistent
with what I want.
vim: python: prettify formatprg

Superficial and stupid, but it was bugging me.
vim: create and set system tags file for C buffers
[vim] Add isort to python formatprg
[vim] Remove infrequently used plugins to improve startup time
Don't automatically move cursor when opening Vim buffers
Auto format fish files
Add default .clang-format
Add vim files for zig and gitconfig
Clean up and reorganize simplify Vim runtime files
Add shfmt as formatprg and ALE fixer
Add Isort command to Python buffers
Prepend virtualenv tags to global 'tags' setting
Read global go tags file if it exists
Add virtual env tags to tags list if it exists
Add vim-medieval
Simplify markdown formatting in vim

Don't try to re-format after using formatprg (via formatexpr) but just
live with the formatting Pandoc does. Simplicity trumps aesthetics in
this case.
Change how b:undo_* variables are set

This simplifies these files and reduces the line count a bit. This
commit also fixes a few minor, latent bugs in the ftplugin and indent
Remove [[ and ]] mappings from markdown ftplugin

These are now included in the default vim-markdown plugin
Remove extraneous header comments from vim files