fish: remove fuzzy finder from buku alias

With no arguments, open the buku prompt instead of piping into fzf.
vim: async: add abort attribute to autoloaded functions
vim: create C/C++ tags per file

I think this will be a much better solution because it only creates tags
for header files used in the actual source file. This means we have to
re-create the tags files often as headers are added/removed, but since
it's done asynchronously I don't think it's a big deal. This is better
than the prior solution which generated a single enormous tags file for
all of the system headers -- this made looking for tags slow and made
tag completion unusable.
vim: replace zet plugin with wk

The wk Vim runtime files are part of the source repo, so include it as a
plugin in minpac. However, in order to get minpac to work with
subdirectories, the devel branch has to be used until [1] is merged.

[1]: https://github.com/k-takata/minpac/pull/99
vim: markdown: remove pandoc formatprg

Honestly using pandoc to autoformat Markdown files was more trouble than
it was worth. The commonmark mode doesn't support YAML metadata or
setext headers, and the markdown mode applies its own idiosyncratic
formatting, which isn't necessarily bad, but it's not always consistent
with what I want.
git: enable pull --rebase by default
Update public facing name and email
vim: close preview window with q
vim: neomake: use clippy for rust
vim: use different ctags arguments for C++
vim: lsc: re-enable popup syntax
vim: lsc: use same LSP command for C and C++
vim: python: prettify formatprg

Superficial and stupid, but it was bugging me.
vim: journal: automatically open first fold
vim: neomake: set C/C++ makers
vim: neomake: disable highlighting
vim: use vim-markdown fork
git: set global user email and update branch alias
vim: block unused plugins from loading
vim: create and set system tags file for C buffers
vim: defer neomake configuration