[vim] Use default clangd path in lsc config
[vim] Replace ALE with neomake
[vim] Replace ALE completion with vim-lsc
[vim] Open journal file with all folds closed
[vim] Add vim-mucomplete plugin for autocompletion
[vim] Complete zettel tags as well as links
[vim] Use ALE omnifunc as global completefunc
[mutt] Simplify mailcap file
[vim] Remove infrequently used plugins to improve startup time
[fish] Disable fzf colors
[vim] Update grep abbreviations and default mapping
[vim] Fix tag jumping with fzf tags command
Always show hostname in tmux status bar
Add md2html.sh script for Mutt
Match any part of zettel filename
Automatically start insert mode when entering a terminal in Vim
Add vim-ripple and PlantUML syntax plugins
Use stdpath function if it exists
Add Mutt script to import calendar entries
Add goyo.vim