nvim: revert back to telescope
nvim: fix Underlined highlight group name
fish: use tiebreak=end for fzf (which favors file names over directories)
weechat: config file updates for version upgrade
nvim: use fzf-lua as vim.ui.select provider
fish: use --strip-cwd-prefix for fd fzf command
nvim: switch to fzf-lua
fish: better fzf colors
nvim: some moar telescope updates
alacritty: do not use alacritty-direct
nvim: use <C-P> for find files mapping
nvim: auto close :Term buffers if shell exits without error
kakoune: init
i3/polybar/picom/rofi: update very minorly
nvim: add vim-sneak (again)
polybar: fix battery icon colors
i3/rofi: add rofi config
i3: run xset and setxkbmap in xprofile instead of i3

These are both used in all X desktop environments, not specifically i3
i3: add extra config files to config.d