vim: add more scratch commands
fish: disable colors in fzf
mutt: remove redundant send-hook
mutt: restore default binding for create-alias
mutt: fix mailcap file ordering
vim: highlight scratch buffer for special commands
mutt: don't reset aliases in default folder hook
vim: add more scratch buffer commands
vim: tmux: disable syntax colors
vim: minor cleanup
mutt: cleanup notmuch search binding
vim: add Rust print snippets
mutt: use site specific aliases file
vim: improve auto tag generation for C files

The output from the compiler command to list all include files varies on
different platforms; on some, each file is on a separate line and on
others they are space separated. This awk script ensures that every file
gets printed on its own line no matter what.
weechat: remove buffer number from go list
weechat: never try to reconnect due to lag
weechat: disable emoji script
mutt: don't show link numbers when replying to HTML messages
mutt: use timezone name in quote attribution
mutt: update mailcap file
pandoc: set font size in email template