da37e5129245239096d49c6089bd35dca184720c — Gregory Anders a month ago 33333e9
tmux: use fish as default command by default

On some systems it is easier to leave the user's default shell alone and
just tell tmux to explicitly start fish. When fish isn't installed, fall
back to whatever $SHELL is set to.
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M .config/tmux/tmux.conf
M .config/tmux/tmux.conf => .config/tmux/tmux.conf +1 -1
@@ 27,7 27,7 @@ set focus-events on
# This ensures that new windows are created as non-login interactive shells
set -g default-shell /bin/sh
set -g default-command $SHELL
if-shell 'command -v fish' { set -g default-command fish } { set -g default-command $SHELL }

# Automatically renumber windows when one is closed
set -g renumber-windows on