Post release version bump
Release 0.7.0
formatters: add newline-keys and newline-values
lint typing: enable basedpyright for noxfile
lint: enable basedpyright

I am experimenting with basedpyright in addition to mypy for type
checking (of the library code only). We'll see how it goes.
cli set del: allow removing multiple keys in one invocation
Remove support for Python 3.8
Post release version bump
lint: update ruff configuration with releaserr
lint rpmlint: ignore spelling errors
cli set: allow passing multiple values to the append command

Fixes: https://todo.sr.ht/~gotmax23/tomcli/6
Implements: https://todo.sr.ht/~gotmax23/tomcli/7
lint: add cast to workaround mypy bug

The latest mypy version no longer proper recognizes the EllipsisType
sentinel with `is ...`.

src/tomcli/cli/set.py:441: error: "EllipsisType" not callable  [operator]
lint: fix ruff deprecation
nox: use releaserr package from PyPI
lint: reformat for black 2024 style
get: properly handle FormatterError exceptions
tomcli.spec: make sure we're testing installed tomcli
tomcli.spec: fix installation of license files

LICENSES/MIT.txt is now a symlink to `../LICENSE`.