ruff.toml: sort and reformat file
pyproject.toml: add .[codeqa] to dev meta extra
pyproject.toml: add Homepage to [project.urls]
noxfile: fix missing f-string prefix in noxfile
Post release version bump
Add official support for Python 3.12.
FactoryFrozenMappie.__new__: rename `self` arg to `cls`
FrozenMappie: add tests for __copy__ and __deepcopy__
FrozenMappie: fix __copy__() TypeError
FrozenMappie: require `data` to be a positional arg
Drop support for Python 3.7
FrozenMappie: add __copy__ and __deepcopy__
Post-release version bump
packaging: add BuildRequires: gnupg2
.builds: update copr webhook secret
.builds: cd to correct dir for copr-webhook (2)
.builds: cd to correct dir for copr-webhook